How I Charge

Sales Operations Consulting; Sales Coaching & Workshops:

I work with my clients in 3 ways:

  • By Retainer: A set # of hours (+/-20% flexibility) & deliverables each month, ongoing.
  • By the Project: Deliverables, timeline & cost for a specific project.
  • By the Hour: A set # of hours for a specific 1-off deliverable.

Fees range from $300-$500/hour depending on the length & type of engagement. 

NOTE: I’m not a clock watcher (i.e. lawyer).  Within reason, I do what needs to be done to drive your success. If that means a few more calls or a few more hours, no problem.   



  • entry level role (e.g. sales/mktg coord or admin): From $7,500 
  • non-management role (e.g. sales, BD, Acct Mgt): From $9,500
  • management role: From $13,000
  • terms: 25% invoiced monthly over 1st 90 days; 25% invoiced on placement  
  • guarantee: 3 months for entry level and non-management roles; 6 months for management roles 

A La carte: 

  • such as compensation design, onboarding sales training, CRM training
  • hourly rate, by the Project or Retainer as noted above