Life Management

While it seems counter intuitive as to what “Life Management” has to do with sales, the reality is that sales can be an emotional rollercoaster for many, with ups/downs, wins, failures and often a long and painful journey through the sales cycle. No department or role is more impacted by how someone feels and how they stay motivated than sales.  

Given this realty, over the decades I’ve found myself often morphing into the role of Life Coach focused on work/life balance, goal setting, discipline, process, motivation & time management.  Simply put, after starting and being the lead sales arm for 3 businesses, I have experienced firsthand how the mind and spirit impact performance.

How I work: while I’m available for intensive, group workshops and trainings, my decades of experience have taught me that regular, ongoing, focused and bespoke coaching (with real situations discussed), will always drive better and more sustainable behavior change.