How I Work

I typically engage with clients in 3 ways:

  1. Ongoing Retainer: In this role, I sit ‘in the passenger seat’, working alongside the owner, sales leadership &/or the sales team to consult, coach &/or execute continuous improvement in Sales Operations, Sales Skills &/or “Life Management.”
  2. Project: Clients use me to execute a defined short-term 1-off project including:
      • Workshop or speech facilitation,
      • 1-off/short-term Training,
      • Sales Structure & Design Planning,
      • Compensation Design
      • Building of any tools/templates/processes
      • Sales Organization Assessment (to understand the current situation and make recommendations as an initial step of a relationship
  3. Recruitment: Here, I drive the complete recruitment process for all sales-related roles including Sales Management, sales, BD, Account Management & sales support roles.

NOTE: Regardless of how we work, my role is to be a resource to you and your Sales Organization … from a leadership perspective, to sales operations designer, to in the weeds coaching with your team. My role often evolves as your needs do. 

Format: There is no 1-size fits all.  Formats can vary between clients and adjust as we go.  Use of phone, video conference & face-to-face (geography dependant).