Sales Operations Consulting

Too often, while there is a lot of structure, processes and governance built into all other departments, the sales operation still relies heavily on just the hard work of a few … leaving the organization in a high risk, co-dependent and unscalable situation.  

In this area, I work hand in hand with my clients and their sales team to assess the current sales operations, make recommendations and, slowly over time, build a repeatable, sustainable and measurable new department that doesn’t rely on any one person or customer. 

I take responsibility for the creation &/or continuous improvement of: 

  • Sales Strategy: who is our target market(s) & audience, and how to access them
  • Roles/Responsibilities: who should be responsible for lead generation, new Business Development, Account Management, Customer Service, etc … (there are many unique sales models to consider)
  • Processes: what are the steps and milestones in the sales cycle. How do we turn that into a “repeatable recipe”
  • Tools/Templates: to streamline effective selling and servicing protocols
  • Technology (CRM): for relationship, opportunity, and activity management, as well as information-sharing, collaboration and team wide visibility. 
  • Forecasting, metrics, reporting: to measure and manage the team’s performance, learn what drives success and identify and address bottlenecks 
  • People: to ensure the right people and skills are in the right roles
  • Compensation: to keep the team motivated on the right deliverables
  • Sales leadership: to build my clients’ in-house, best practice sales management infrastructure to carry them forward.
  • Inter-departmental synergy: to ensure alignment with the other “front of house” departments such as marketing, customer service, sales administration, estimating and/or project management. 

What methodology do I use?  After 3 decades in this industry, I’ve come to realize that as Sales Leaders, salespeople & account managers, we ultimately are in control of 4 simple things that impact our performance: 

I’ve coined this methodology by recycling the acronym SAAS (except with a new meaning): 

  • Strategy: who we target and how 
  • Activity: how much proactive effort we put in looking for new relationships and opportunities 
  • Attitude: how we and our team stay motivated during the ups/downs of sales 
  • Skill: how well developed our skills are in executing our roles. 

I instill this methodology as the foundation for the sales team “plan their work; work their plan”, along with measuring, managing, improving and motivating the team along the way. 

How I work: while many situations can be distinct, I generally prefer to support my clients on a standing retainer basis (e.g. meeting bi- weekly with deliverables in between) working my way through the highest priority topics and pivoting as needed; OR, if needed/preferred, on a per topic/project basis.