Part of any successful, scalable sales organization includes finding the right people for the right role. 

Whether you are adding, replacing, or changing your “front of house” resources, I am here to help you recruit. 

I focus exclusively on recruiting all roles within the sales operation including: 

  • Sales Management
  • Lead Generation
  • Business Development(hunters), 
  • Hybrid Sales & Account Management
  • Account management (farmers) 
  • Customer success 
  • Sales support 


12 C’s Methodology:  

While we all prefer to hire people already pre-wired with all the product &/or industry expertise, that can be a limiting strategy and hard to find/scale.  

Instead, I’ve learned over 3 decades that the best people in a sales organization, regardless of role, have the following 12 C’s:

  • canvas: smart, motivated, self-starter and strong business acumen. 
  • character: integrity, values, respect, and humility 
  • courage: willingness to put themselves out there and be vulnerable
  • curiosity: about the industry, business, and the needs and goals of their clients and team 
  • consultative: in how they approach conversations 
  • competitive: an internal driver to succeed, grow and learn 
  • coachable: open-minded with a growth mindset 
  • confidence: in who they are, what they believe and how they see their purpose 
  • charisma: to motivate and inspire themselves and others 
  • compassion: relatability and empathy 
  • care: how they approach their job and life. Plan their work; work their plan. 
  • community: an overall care for others 

The 12 C’s focuses on “who they are”, instead of what they know (which can be taught). 


My services:

In addition to sourcing, vetting, interviewing, and short-listing/presenting candidates to my clients, my recruiting approach focuses holistically on their sustainable success by also offering:

Standard/included in all recruiting: 

  • role design 
  • job specification creation
  • reference checking 
  • decision making support 

A la carte: 

  • compensation design 
  • onboarding planning 
  • forecasting & metric setting 
  • sales coaching (put link to sales coaching page)
  • CRM training (any CRM)
  • ongoing support and development