Sales Coaching

Utilizing 30+ modules I’ve authored, I provide sales coaching for all “customer-touching” roles (marketing, sales, account management, inside sales, project management, customer service) to teach & drive sustainable behaviour change. 

While the right behaviors can be innate for some, solely relying on hiring people pre-wired with all the skills they need is unsustainable. Therefore, a consistent commitment to developing your teams’ skills is essential.  

My methodology:
While I cover topics ranging from prospecting to closing to account management to customer service, regardless of role, I coach around 3 core principles:

    1. Take and Keep control of every relationship that matters to you.
    2. Be consultant-minded in all your interactions.
    3. Approach everyone you touch as a human first and a businessperson second.

How I work:
while I’m available for intensive, group workshops and trainings, my decades of experience have taught me that regular, ongoing, focused and bespoke coaching (with real situations discussed), will always drive better and more sustainable behavior change.