My Focus

My life has always revolved around 2 things: Entrepreneurship & Sales.

  • To fund university, I started several summer businesses
  • After graduation, founded & then sold 2 sales-related service businesses
  • In all my businesses, I was the primary salesperson
  • I have hosted over 400 sales-related workshops, speeches & trainings

Basically, all I’ve ever done is start companies, sell & teach/coach sales.

Today, I work with Owners, Sales Managers & Salespeople as a consultant, coach & trainer in 3 areas:

    1. Sales Operations: Drive scalability of your sales organization … including sales strategy, structure, process, tools, technology (CRM), forecasting, metrics, reporting, people, compensation, sales leadership, etc…
    2. Sales Skills: Utilizing 30+ modules I’ve authored, provide sales coaching for all “customer-touching” roles (marketing, sales, account management, inside sales, project management, customer service) to teach core sales, service & communication skills.
    3. Life Management: Harnessing decades as a serial entrepreneur in the sales service world, coach work/life balance, goal setting, discipline, process, motivation & time management. What I like to call “Life Management”.

NOTE: Because nothing functions as a silo, my work often blends 2 or all 3 areas above.