Bob Repovs
President and COO, Samco Machinery
Bob Repovs

We had no sales process, no sales manager, no CRM, no BDR… just nothing. We would quote, quote and then guess what, we would quote some more! The results were mediocre and we had no visibility on our sales guys, pipeline, activity, etc.

We had no one to manage our sales people day in and day out. Despite not knowing “our business” which is metal forming capital equipment, they were able to identify with the process, because let’s face it, selling is selling. The system was tweaked for our liking and the sales guy’s time were better spent in front of customers instead of in front of the computer quoting.”

I would have no hesitation to recommend Darren and his team for your company. They will most certainly improve your sales processes, strengthen your sales tools and visibility, assist your sales staff if and when needed, and potentially identify weak sales members depending on how deep you let the relationship get. 5 star recommendation!!!